Mission and vision

Girls and women who are forced to turn to prostitution, either through circumstances or by others, are our equals, for whom we strive to secure real participation in society.

Vision: We help women who work in prostitution, because they have no alternative way to provide for their families, or who have fallen victim to the crime of human trafficking. We help them to get out of the situation of exploitation, to regain a new life with dignity, and to recover emotionally.

In addition we raise awareness amongst teenagers on the dangers of human trafficking and help them make choices that will lead to a life of dignity.

Our work is based on three pillars: prevention, outreach and recovery.

Our values are:

  • God is at the heart of what we do: we know we depend on God’s guidance and care.

  • Quality before quantity: we want to be able to give our full and undivided attention to each woman who crosses our path.
  • Attention to the internal processing: we do not only wish to offer alternative employment, we also offer counselling and creative therapy, aimed towards recovering from the experience of traumatic events.