Her Story

Mariana* can be found by the side of the road, every day until 14:00, working in prostitution. She has 4 children and would like to have a different type of job, but those are hard to find. She was only in school for 3 years. She lived in a slum when she was young and was needed at home to help work. As a family they would often work the land in different areas for several months. She married at fifteen, she is 23 today. She lives with her second husband. He cannot find a job. He hits her sometimes, but other times he is kind. Her children get along with him, which is why she stays. She works for her family and for her mother, who has asthma. She is ashamed to be working in prostitution. She does not want her children to know. While her children are still young it is easier to hide it from them, but she fears one day they will find out.

* This story is not the single story of a single woman, but based on various stories we have heard from women during our outreach.